Bathroom Remodels: Glass Tiles 101

When you’re redecorating any part of the home, it’s important to consider every facet of what goes into the décor. Renovations and remodels call for even more consideration, as these changes will be pretty much permanent. One of the facets you should think carefully about is the use of glass tiles in your bathroom.


Many people believe that glass is just clear and comes with a shiny finish, but this is not the case at all. In fact, you will likely find that the number of options you have when it comes to glass tiles is overwhelming. Tiles can be reflective, opaque, mosaic, or custom made. You also have different finish options, as some are rough while others are shiny.


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If you’ve been considering glass tiles, it’s time you know about all of the benefits of going with glass over ceramic.


When it comes to bathroom glass tile grand rapids professionals can confirm just how versatile they are. These tiles can be used anywhere in the home, including in swimming pools, in kitchens, on the walls, on fireplaces, and on the floors. You can also arrange them to form intricate patterns and add style to your homes.


Glass tiles are not only versatile, they can be shaped with ease. This means you can save money by buying tiles in bulk and having professionals shape them however you want. You can customize the glass and make your home look exactly as you want.


The finish of your glass gives you even more diversity in style – much more than you would receive with ceramic tile. Glass is usually smooth and shiny, so you won’t have a dull finish as you may with other materials.

When it comes to tiles, glass tiles give you supreme versatility, shaping ability, and design customizability.