Housekeeping Part Of Tick Control

This is part of the challenge going forward in regard to effective residential (or commercial) tick control. Part of the reason why a residential property or business premises is saddled with a tick invasion has to do with the fact that the premises is overrun by dirt and dust as well. A residential tick control columbus program could only really be effective if housekeeping has been included. This is going to be one of the first things the tick control expert notices about the property.

Acting in his role as inspector of the premises, he will be looking beyond the domestic pets, should this be a domestic environment he is inspecting. He needs to know how good (or bad) his client has been in terms of the housekeeping. And if the housekeeping has been ticked off as ‘good’ then really, there should not be much in the way of dust, dirt and debris lying about that could cause problems in terms of health and hygiene.

Such a prevalence of dust, dirt and debris may come to be expected within the commercial environment. Even so, that has never been an excuse to simply let things go to rack and ruin. Indeed, most cities and counties will have regulations in place that need to be followed. And if these regulations are being stringently applied, contraveners can usually expect penalties or fines. Badly soiled premises pose health hazards for neighboring environments.

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Poorly maintained commercial, as well as residential premises, are those famous breeding grounds for all kinds of pests, including ticks. The perception has always been that they thrive on the backs and legs of animals. But even they need a place to rest and recuperate, and they generally prefer wallowing in dirt.